Learn how to make money using Social Media

So I know you guys & girls may have been anticipating my next YouTube tutorial on how to boost your photography career and generate income using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Well…

Before I do a video spilling all of my secrets, I want to make sure I have a solid following of loyal subscribers. So please follow, like & subscribe to @LustrePRO on all social media platforms & Tell your friends about us! Who knows you may be selected for one of my free photo shoots!

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My blog is mostly photography focused, However, the information I provide for social media and content marketing can be applied to any profession. So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to take a full bite out of the digital marketing world without breaking the bank, here is your chance.

Tip of the day: 

MAKE YOUR TIMELINE RELEVANT: Monitor & Moderate your friends list! Be sure you get rid of those inactive/non sense followers to make room for potential new clients. You want to be able to advertise to new faces, not the same old faces you never see or meet that live half way across the country and don’t ever like any of your post.  Also be sure to find people in YOUR city! Facebook host over 1.85 billion  members, So even if you are not acquainted with them, its good to get to know new people. I mean, you are a business owner trying to sell a service or product & this is SOCIAL media, so get social. There is always a client out there waiting on you! 


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Models in the City :



Ismail Archible 24–  @ismail.archible

“Standing 5’11 this local Atlanta, GA native is driven to successfully break barriers in the community.  Through his active philanthropic contributions to local and national outreach programs such as MIPO- Haiti Releif, Toys For Tots and Habitat for Humanity; To his Creative directing influence and Fashion Blogging;  with his warm smile and energetic vibes, Ismail is a dedicated  lifestyle artist that is certainly on the  GLOW UP.”

photo credits: @LustrePRO


Alexia Hernandez 22 – @lexiaadavinee

“Beautiful Spirit, Positive Energy and Fierce Attitude all summed up in 5’6; I found this gorgeous Georgia peach near the Atlanta Beltline and immediately our energies connected. Local Nail Art & Cosmetology influence with a hint of that neo-soul Solange vibe, Alexia is a walking portrayal of funky urban Afro art. Not to mention a pleasure to work with.”

photo credits: @LustrePRO


Megan Mincey 26 – @sexii_megan