Top 5 Social Media Sites For Photographers 2017

1. “Facebook”

A veteran in the social media game; It’s very obvious why Facebook is the first social media choice of our time, almost everyone you have ever been acquainted with is somewhere on Facebook  updating their status and sharing new topics, opinions and business ventures daily . Facebook has the biggest outreach possibilities for your business, with their Business Page feature you can set up customized pages to showcase your brand in your local community. You can also promote or blast your ads with just $5 you can expand your target audience from California to NYC and all in between. Facebook allows Photographers the ability to post unlimited photos, marketing material, live videos and locations. You can potentially have a greater outcome of having your work seen with this great app.



Instagram is another great social media platform for photography. Not so much talking involved, It solely focuses on beautiful images and hassle free editing. Instagram  also gives you “Business Page” options to promote your brand. Increase your followers and follow and network with models and other cool photographers or some of the hip “wanna be’s” its your world! And It’s simple! Just load a pic, add some filters, type a cool caption, add some hashtags # and EUREKA! You’re now an expert Insta-tographer! Instagram can also become somewhat of a portfolio for your business if you only use it for your brand marketing only and not personal use… which can sometimes be a bit boring and run some of your followers away. But its definitely one of the most popular sites to network and get your work seen. Best thing is it’s somewhat free advertising and you get unlimited uploading storage.

3. “Twitter”

Twitter is  another one of the veterans in the social media game. If you do not already know twitter is an amazing platform for News and Trending topics; which are essential to business development. The world of twitter is filled with millions of opinionated, cultured followers to network with; Grab their attention and  increase online traffic tremendously with the use of currently trending # Hashtags.Twitter also allows you to share thoughts at all times of day  and self promote your portraits with only 140 characters to describe. I know only “140 characters”, but hey you get all the other benefits that Twitter what it has to offer.


4. “Pinterest”

Pinterest is fairly new but has gotten a huge buzz. Its almost like the new artistic sister of  google for me; Recipes, Tutorials, DIY Ideas, Tattoo Ideas, Designing Ideas, or simple daily motivational quotes, Pinterest is the place for it all! You can post your work along with tutorials on how you achieved your awesome shot to help other beginner photographers or enthusiast.  Also with Pinterest you can type keywords; ” #LustrePRO ” for an example, and everything affiliated with that keyword will pop up on your timeline. Get creative and explore more with Pinterest.



5. “Tumblr”

Tumblr has been around for quite some time; it has held its title for being one of the easiest blog interfaces. With that you get all of the trendy art heads, all nighters, fashion bloggers and hipsters; posting daily inspirational works of art. Get your work re-posted and go viral when you network and mingle with other bloggers that share the same interest as you! Tumblr has a lot in store for those photographers looking to increase their brand. With Tumblr you can explore a diverse variety of blogs featuring a gorgeous array of photo art, funny GIFs , and trending news. All of the elements photographers need combined into one easy user interface.

And there you have it, #LustrePRO ‘s list of  Top 5 social media sites for Photographers! Stay tuned for more great tips, hacks, DIY projects and lessons for Photographers. 



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