Who PAINTED your city?


The fourth largest city in the United States,  Popular for award wining dining, hospitality and most of all ART. Houston is home to many talented, inspirational leaders in the art community. They bless us everyday with vivid colors and thought provoking messages engraved in their talented abstract murals. Some view it as just graffiti, or vandalism, oblivious to the fact that it takes a great deal of time, emotion and sweat to complete some of these elaborate pieces and it takes an open eye to see the beauty in it.

Here is a list of local spotlight artist and cultural influences captured by LustrePRO  ;


                                            @Mark_IamART , 28


Outside of  the historic Third Ward  “S.H.A.P.E center we found  Mark Arceneaux showcasing one of his many artistic talents, drafting up what was soon to be a great Egyptian themed masterpiece with the message “We are all Kings & Queens”.  Mark is a local mixed media art influence praising social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram with his deeply felt, free spirited pieces and online presence.  You can find Mark at local art shows selling his beautiful work to art enthusiast from all over the U.S. Masterpieces such as his rendition to “Frida” definitely add an artistic, elegant finish to your home or office space. Be on the lookout for  Mark & his other murals in the city located in the Downtown/ Main street area.

Canvas Prints are available for sale and can be found on his Instagram page @Mark_IamART





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