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“Is Drake & Jennifer Lopez’s New Romance A True Set Up For Revenge?” As we all know, Drake (30) has previously dated professional tennis player Serena Williams on and off in the passed and has also been seen all around with R&B singer Rhianna who soon became a quick fling, being that she just recently dumped him. But I’m sure we all have seen and heard about Drake (30) dating pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez (47). Now back up two years ago, Drake and Sean Diddy Combs had a brawl which caused them to end their former friendship. Back to present day, questions are starting to arise asking if “Is Drake and Jennifer Lopez new romance a thirsty ploy for revnge?” JLO is P Diddy ex girl.

Serena Williams @ 123rd Wimbledon Women’s Tennis” Serena Williams is jumping from this joyous moment of history, beating Angelique Kerber (7-5), (6-3), in which she’s now equal to Steffi Grafs who also holds 22 Grand Slam Singles Titles.

HIV Cure Close After Medical Trial Clear Virus In A British Man” Scientist conducting a study in the UK have treated a patient shows no signs of the viruses after initial medical test, inwhich this makes him the first patient to be treated in a new HIV study with remarkable results. Mark Samules, Director of the Natioanl Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research stated “This therapy is specifically designed to clear the body of all HIV virus, including dormat ones.

James Charles For Covergirl” James Charles is your average 17 year old teenager, who happens to be the first male face of makeup label Covergirl which was featured on nationwide campaigns October 12, 2016 letting the world see the new diversity Covergirl has to offer.

Tragedy In Brazil” On November 28, 2016 the world received a very painful and unexpected announcement that the Brazilian Chapeconse Football team plane crashed, carrying 71 of the players and the journalist that also tagged along for the amazing journey on the fields were aboard as well. Only few survived. Rest In Peace.

Umakara Ramen Hyouri” This ramen joint in Tokyo has reinvented the eating contest. For a small entry fee of 3,000 Yens, Umakara Ramen Hyouri allows you to win 50,000 Yens if you can eat this 15 pound entire. Ramen is already designed for a hearty, filling comfort food. This meal includes 4 serving of ramen in one serving, piled with fried chicken strips and bean sprouts and 24 ounces of broth, which gives a whopping 15 pounds of food.


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