Beauty and Glow Tips 

“Contour To Your Hairline” Most ladies contour around the main key facial areas; cheeks, chin, outer nose & brow, and the forehead, but sometimes I’m sure you ladies noticed a slight beauty hiccup when it comes to the hairline area and color. When applying your contour make sure to contour your hairline as well. You want to go all the from the inside of your hairline and direct the contour color towards the outside of your mouth. ( M A C Contour Kit $32.) 

“Plump Those Lips” When it come to getting the perfect plump fuller lip, a simple precise tip can get the job done. A super sharp, pointy tip grazes the skin so delicate and is much easier to control rather than using a uneven stubble blunt tip. (Saphora $20.)

Always Have Your Concealer Brush” You ladies may be thinking, why use a brush for concealing? The tapered bristles on the brush can get into the crevices of a blemish better than your fingers can. By making dashed, quick motions, you can cover anything up using this brush. (M A C $25)

Where’s Your Layers” Layering when highlighting gives you the max impact and by layering a cream highlighter underneath a powder version, it gives your face an amazing glow and brings your natural eye color out more as well. When applying the cream start from the apple of your cheek to your temple, then blend upwards and outwards, finally dust on powder in same spots. (Focallure $18)

Organic Soft Lip Facial” We all love a pair of fresh soft lips and we all can have them as well. A quick lip facial can help eliminate dry and dead skin cells from the lip and will help any lipstick distribute more evenly. Steps for lip facial; #1 a quick cleaning first, wash face and around mouth well and use makeup removal wipes to clear face of all makeup, #2 buff you lips for 2-3 minutes, this allows the dry skin to fade away and give a softer end result, #3 spread organic sugar lip mask over lips and buff softly. Your lips are on its way to glow away. (Saphora $13)

Making Your Foundation Moisturizing” Squeezing a few drops of foundation onto the back your hand, then spritz it with super hydrating rose water, after that you’re going to mix it together (you can use your foundation brush or your fingers and apply as usual.) This method will give your face an incredible glow. (Glossier $18)


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