Top 5 Vogue 2017 Pre-Fall Collection 

 “Sally LaPointe” orchestrated a lovely black and pearl peacock lace jumper for Vouge 2017 Pre-Fall selection, along with a beautiful ashy gray & hazel throw over fur and a glowing black pair of LaPointe crossover 6″ open toe. 

“F E N D I” is never afraid to show what colors were made for, especially in this glowing top to bottom Pre-Fall collection, where you can clearly see all the colors of the rainbow transform into a fashion masterpiece, which is also def giving me a “Solange” vibe. 

“MM6 Marsion Margiela” served the great ole sixties in this 2017 Pre-Fall collection, giving a stunning floral pattern covering both dresses top to bottom while sharing some silky skin while the deep “V” cut exposes natural beauty. 

“Marchesa” Anna Hathaway is wearing this elegant floral Marchesa lavender dress, which flowed down the Vouge 2017 Pre-Fall fashion show, allowing the light to bounce off the very details that makes this dress completely fabulous and extravagant. 

“Bessarion” clearly showed a cut throat IDGAF as you can see during Vouge’s 2017 Pre-Fall collection. Some may call it tacky or what not, but here at LustrePRO we call this art and beauty, style and passion, dope and exotic. Would you rock this? 


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